GTCARCLUB.COM Interclub Go-Kart Challenge 2016

This is the next installment of the continually growing interclub go-kart competition. Our last event we were proud to see 80 competitors from 13 clubs compete. This year we are limited to 90 competitors and the way the numbers are shaping some people and clubs will miss out.

Click here for the race format / prizes
Everyone gets a minimum of 3 X 14Lap heats.
Heat 1 - 14Laps
Heat 2 - 14Laps
Heat 3 - 14Laps
The fastest top 10 lap times from the 3 heats overall go into an additional Competition Race. Winner of this race will be winner of Competition for themselves and their club.
There will be two categories for prizes.
1) Fastest Lap time (from the 3 heats)
2) Overall comp winner (Only the top 10 fastest lap will go into Competition Race)

**If there are enough female competitors they will have their own race/trophies

Click here for the Flyer GTCC Interclub Flyer
Thanks to the ever talented Rey J from Stellar Creative for the flyer. Please contact Rey for your event Flyers.

Venue: Hi Voltage Karts
Date: Sunday, 10th Jan 2016
Time: 8:30am till complete (approx 1pm)
Price: $85/competitor (includes annual licence)

Competing Teams

79 of 100 competitors

86 Club Australia
(Team Lead: Nam Dang)      
Dennis Marinos -  Male 

Huii Nguyen -  Male 

Huu Trung Dang Tran -  Male 

James Florrimell -  Male 

Michael Nguyen -  Male 

Nam Dang -  Male 

Peter Quoccy Pham -  Male 

Ron Roberts -  Male 

(Team Lead: Lauren Stix)      
Brendan Swallows -  Male 

Daniel Bargwanna -  Male 

James Ioannidis -  Male 

Lee Nuttall -  Male 

Nathan Bartolo -  Male 

Nathan Ioannidis -  Male 

Paul Ilieski -  Male 

Toli Sarris -  Male 

(Team Lead: Michael Luong)      
Adriano Auciello -  Male 

Michael Luong -  Male 

Nick Taylor -  Male 

Stefan Luong -  Male 

Stefan Sens -  Male 

Terence Galea -  Male 

Tu Minh Duong -  Male 

GT Car Club
(Team Lead: Daniella Daniels)      
Adrian Harold -  Male 

Andrew Borg -  Male 

Bob Z -  Male 

Bryan Dimaunahan -  Male 

Dan Cuschieri -  Male 

Daniella Daniels -  Female 

Peter Dransfield -  Male 

Vince Tucci -  Male 

Melbourne Motorsport Club
(Team Lead: Brad Martin)      
Amila De Silva -  Male 

Brad Martin -  Male 

Brian Haines -  Male 

Frank Noronha -  Male 

Sean Perera -  Male 

Steven Mikikis -  Male 

(Team Lead: Miki Do)      
Henry Eap -  Male 

Khang Dinh -  Male 

Miki Do -  Female 

Quoc Bui -  Male 

William Raye -  Male 

Rice Boyz
(Team Lead: Lee Baker)      
Guy Mazille -  Male 

Jouelle Caparas -  Male 

Lee Baker -  Male 

RX8 Club Australia
(Team Lead: Sayan Ray)      
Kevin Cosgriff -  Male 

Sayan Ray -  Male 

(Team Lead: Tony Olsson)      
Adam McClaren -  Male 

Colt Rivers -  Male 

Jess Hoare -  Female 

Martin Sullivan -  Male 

Robyn Ryrie -  Female 

Sam Lehmann -  Male 

Secret Society
(Team Lead: Grant De La Cruz)      
Chris Grinter -  Male 

Christian De La Cruz -  Male 

Grant De la Cruz -  Male 

LeRoy RFB Van Duyn -  Male 

Phonz Silvany -  Male 

SL Customs
(Team Lead: Steve Ling)      
Freddy Carbon -  Male 

Iain Deeny -  Male 

Steve Ling -  Male 

Team Lotus
(Team Lead: Brandon Chan)      
Alec Spyrou -  Male 

Harry Zhao -  Male 

Vincent Chan -  Male 

(Team Lead: Richard Thean)      
Allen Li -  Male 

George Sergious -  Male 

Jerry Zhao -  Male 

Luxman Dharmakularajah -  Male 

Michael Lee -  Male 

Na Moo Park -  Male 

Richard Thean -  Male 

William Chai -  Male 

Zoom Garage
(Team Lead: Joshua Batson)      
Daryl Chia -  Male 

Hass Ejaz -  Male 

Jad Luciani -  Male 

Joshua Batson -  Male 

Justin Trofa -  Male 

Mark Bilt -  Male 

Mo Khan -  Male